With H.O. Bostrom’s three-seat International® SCBA Crew package, either new or current-stock International® trucks can be equipped with the same premium Tanker SCBA crew seats found in other commercial and custom chassis.  This premium package delivers a consistent yet highly functional and professional appearance to the crew cabin of your International® truck.

The International SCBA Crew package includes a Tanker 400 CT SCBA three-seat set, together with a three-seat riser designed to match International® Truck factory-mounting holes.  Not included are H.O. Bostrom’s wide assortment of air-suspension driver seats and officer SCBA seats.

International® SCBA Crew Seat packages are only available in non-All Belts to Seat (ABTS).  Other standard features include:

  • Integrated lumbar support and serpentine spring system to isolate shock and improve comfort
  • Shoulder strap holders, and our patented, auto-pivot- and-return padded headrest to facilitate rapid egress from seat with donned turnout gear and SCBA harness
  • Compatibility with our SecureAll™ SCBA Locking System
  • Integrated seat sensors - ready to connect with third-party-supplied Vehicle Data Recorders
  • Three-man riser to safely and conveniently store additional gear
  • Available with either standard FireFighter or custom headrest logo. (One-time setup fee applies to custom logos.)
  • Rigorously tested to meet FMVSS and NFPA 1901 standards for safety and performance. (Please note that International® three-seat packages must be installed with special mounting hardware, available from International® Truck dealers, in order to comply with applicable FMVSS regulations.)
  • International® is a registered trademark of the Navistar International Corporation.
  • See downloads for seat trim options