SecureALL™ SCBA Locking System

The global fire industry’s preferred choice for safe and secure SCBA cylinder storage in fire and rescue vehicles, the SecureAll™ SCBA Locking system is the product of firefighter-inspired design applied practically to save lives and property.  SecureAll™ delivers ease of use, rugged durability, and quick adjustability to different cylinder sizes across a broad spectrum of critical public safety situations.

We offer several different SecureAll™ models to meet the unique challenges of any application.    Whether purchased factory-installed in an SCBA seat, as a retrofit kit, or as a standalone storage device, SecureAll™ offers multiple configuration options. Choose from electrical or mechanical SCBA bracket releases, domestic or export-style cylinder supports, single or twin cylinder storage, or an integrated flip-out lumbar pad for additional back support when no cylinder is installed.

  • With SCBA bracket and cable
  • Optional mechanical or electrical release handle and optional single- or twin bottle configurations
  • SecureAll™ Wall Mount safely stores SCBAs inside cab or compartment
  • Quick Adjust™ lever quickly adjusts SCBA bracket to accommodate varying cylinder lengths
  • Patented one-touch release handle is conveniently integrated into the seat cushion
  • Patented auto-lock system secures SCBA in all directions
  • Strapless/cordless design eliminates operational interference with auxiliary equipment
  • Installs easily; does not require seat-depth or shroud adjustments
  • Stores most American and foreign SCBA makes and sizes while in transit
  • Mounts in all H.O. Bostrom ABTS and non-ABTS SCBA seats
  • Optional integrated flip-out lumbar pad also available
  • Also available: SecureAll™ retrofit kits including bracket, cable, release handle, and seat cushion
  • Also available: SecureAll™ conversion kits for electrical/mechanical, domestic/export or single/twin models
  • Rigorously tested to meet NFPA 1901 and EN 1846-2 standards for safety and performance