SecureALL™ SCBA Locking System with Flip-out Back Pad

SecureAll™ SCBA Locking System with flip-out back pad addresses the need for additional ergonomic lower-back support in the absence of an installed cylinder.  Folds away easily when not in use and flat against SCBA bracket when not in use to accomocate SCBA bottle storage. Can be purchased as a factory-installed component in a SCBA seat or as a retrofit kit.  Additional options include electrical or mechanical SCBA bracket releases, domestic or export-style cylinder supports, and single or twin cylinder storage. 


  • With SCBA bracket, cable, and RestStop™ Flip-Out Back Pad
  • Optional mechanical or electrical release handle
  • Optional single- or twin bottle configurations
  • Quick Adjust™ lever quickly adjusts SCBA bracket to accommodate varying cylinder lengths
  • Patented one-touch release handle is conveniently integrated into the seat cushion
  • Patented auto-lock system secures SCBA in all directions
  • Strapless/cordless design eliminates operational interference with auxiliary equipment
  • Installs easily; does not require seat-depth or shroud adjustments
  • Stores most American and foreign SCBA makes and sizes while in transit
  • Mounts in all H.O. Bostrom ABTS and non-ABTS SCBA seats
  • Also available: SecureAll™ retrofit kits including bracket, flip-out back pad, cable, release handle, and seat cushion. Back pad can also be purchased separately.
  • Also available: SecureAll™ conversion kits for electrical/mechanical, domestic/export or single/twin models
  • Rigorously tested to meet NFPA 1901 and EN 1846-2 standards for safety and performance