Service Parts

We offer a growing line of after-market replacement and conversion parts to extend the life of or repurpose your H.O. Bostrom seat or seat accessory.  Whether the need is for a single component or a sub-assembly such as a replacement seat cushion, we can usually ship it in a matter of days. Please go to Contact Us to find the appropriate H.O. Bostrom seating expert. 

Our expanding service-part program currently includes the following items:

  • Zip Clean washable covers and retrofit kits for non-zip clean seats.
  • Seat cushion, seat back, armrest, StoreAll™, and headrest covers and assemblies.
  • Replacement parts for SecureAll™ SCBA Locking System components including pivot arms, cables, clamps, and handles.
  • Kits for conversion of SecureAll™ SCBA Locking Systems from mechanical to electrical activation, single/twin to twin/single, or North American/Export to Export/North American bottle supports.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for mechanical fore/aft and height adjustments for H.O. Bostrom seats.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for Torsion mechanical, and air suspension systems for H.O. Bostrom seats.
  • Replacement parts or assemblies for pedestals, bases or floor slides for H.O. Bostrom marine seats.